To Jake

Apr 23 2013 

 Jake was an incredible partner for us.  We rebuilt our entire backyard and front yard with Jake - he tore down everything and built it all back from nothing!  He was patient, hard working and talented - and a kind, caring person.  Jake was able to build everything and anything at an extremely high quality but he always found time to say hi to our kids, be nice to our neighbors and still work hard! 




May 10, 2013


Jake Bruynzeel 

Jake came to our rescue recently and did an excellent job! My daughter in law had her birthday coming up. I wanted to do something very special for her. My son her husband wanted to get an area in their apartment fixed for her makeup etc. My son had no one to call to come do this. Then I thought of Jake.

I called up Jake and asked him if he could take on this job. He was in the middle of a major renovation with a Celebrity and really did not have the time. However, Jake did take the time to go and get the key and see the apartment. Then Jake had to do all the run around logistics to order the materials ie the mirror and glass counter top etc. So Jake got all the materials and came in and did the job in one day. He created a great surprise for my daughter in law when she came home that night! My son and daughter in law were extremely delighted and impressed with how Jake transformed an old run down space into an aesthetic very nice space to use for makeup. The mirror makes the room look bigger too! I am deeply impressed and happy with the product.

Jake you are amazing!

Thank you so much!

Nancy Newman


Dear Jake and crew, 

Hey guys, i want to tell you both how amazing everything looks. it is so beautiful! i can't wait to move into my office!

beth neely

thanks so much. also, i wanted to let you know how amazing your team is. the work is beautiful. i am beyond happy! thank you for everything! 

beth neely


"Of all the people we have known in the field of construction/carpentry you were the smartest and most creative."

Libby Reagan, Clearwater Fla.