Jake Bruynzeel
Hello,  My name is Jake Bruynzeel of Bruynzeel Enterprises, Inc.

My philosophy on work:

Any job can be handled using the following stable data:
1. Truly find out what is needed and wanted from the client.
2. Get all agreements in writing and spelled out.
3. Be worthy of trust, and keep one's word.
4. Deliver what is promised.
These rules, though brief, handle most of what may come up on any job
and when adhered to, result in everyone winning.
see construction management


I've done work for Tom Cruise, Cher, Greta Van Sustren (Fox news), Zach Braff (Scrubs)

Mom & Dad

Jake grew up in Africa in his first 12 years as a child and then moved to London where he was inspired by England's architecture and craftmanship. Jake later moved to California, Texas, and Florida. He's done alot of traveling and has found a love for California and has made it his home.

Jake found a love for the ocean, in his youth and travels. Jakes dad taught him to snorkel at age 3! By age 6 he was water skiing and body surfing. By age 14 he got certified to scuba dive and later Jake found a love for sailboats and became a sailor himself. In Jakes teenage years he raced and won many Motocross races in California as well.

Jakes beautiful wood work comes from his love of the craft and it shows from his customer satisfaction and referrals.
A strength Jake has picked up over the years is his ability to learn and ask questions to ensure the customer receives exactly what they are looking for. Jakes philosophy is there is never a stupid question and to do the job right the first time!

Personal integrity has been instilled into Jake from a code of honor which follows the creed of his father.
Teachings from father to son through a lifetime of examples and circumstances together.

Jake strives to always do what he says and says what he'll do. He takes promises very seriously and won't offer a promise that he cannot fulfill. He is a man of his word.

As a result of these values, Jake enjoys rich relations both professionally and personally and says he is blessed to have a great many friends and colleagues.