I began running jobs as a foreman in 1978 when I was asked by my employer to run the roofing crew, I was 19 years old. Some months and much hard work I was promoted to the general superintendent and then later the project manager over all construction and renovations including the heavy equipment and other divisions. This lasted 3-1/2 years and was a great training ground for me.

For years I worked in construction both as a craftsman and as above running jobs and sometimes both at the same time. I have supervised projects from as small as $4,000 - $17,000 in chimney re-builds and I have supervised larger jobs such as a complete 3 story house remodel/renovation costing over 2 million.

There is diversity in my management experience, for example: I have run as many as 200 crew at a time though usually smaller. I have run several different crews on cruise ships both in dry-dock and under way with passengers aboard. The longest of these started in Fort Lauderdale Fla. - through the Panama Canal -  and on to San Diego Ca. Then back .This job lasted 51 days. During which I ran 3 separate crews:

Complete new restaurant construction, Passenger quarters renovations, Spa renovations. I supervised the building of the 1st anechoic movie studio made, (definition of anechoic chamber). This was a large project. (Hollywood generally shoots movies in an open studio and edits the sound later whereas this studio had the capability of shooting audio and visual simultaneously and not requiring the editing of sound after the shoot). The main studio was 164 feet long by 85 feet wide with annex' almost surrounding it.

More notable is the success I've had applying this technology in the field as can be attested by the references I list in my resume. (available upon request)

Thank you            

Jake Bruynzeel